This page links to a library of files representing 3D structures by the values of their parameters.

Any session of using the W-IT (Weiman – Iterated Transformations) program is a performance on a visual instrument.  You may record individual “notes” via the record button in the State memory controls window during a session, and keep the entire performance via the WRITE  mem to file button  (See Getting Started page).

The page below links to some pre-recorded sessions which can get you started.  Each file is a record of a W-IT session which preserves some interesting structures in numerical form.   You may access these files to replay the structures, manipulate them, add your own, and share other people’s work.

When you click on the links below, a txt file will open.   It will contain some long bracketed sets of numbers preceded by a short name.  The name is a convenient descriptor of the corresponding structure, and each set of comma-separated numbers represents the values of angle, wave and scale parameters from the tabbed panels in the State space controls window (shown below) which correspond to the particular structure. 

What you should do with the txt file is save it into a convenient folder in your computer, or cut and paste the contents into a new txt file on your computer.  Then, when you run the W-IT program, click the READ file to mem button to bring the file into your program.  When you have selected the file a window will pop up with the contents for your information.  

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This will give you a rough idea of the size of the file and the names of its structures.    You must close this window by either:

 without loss of the file data.  Any time you wish to see it again, hit the print memory button on the State memory control  window (and of course close it again before you can proceed).

Flagellors (Flagella-Propellors) – Long chain molecules which spin or wave when you move the WavePhase slider in the wave panel below.

Bracelets - Chains wrapped around tori (plural of torus)

BaseBall Stitches – Strangely periodic functions on a sphere or torus, Calabi-Yau 1-branes?

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Capsids and LoveSeats – More complex examples of the symmetry exhibited in BaseBall Stitches

Paths on Moebius Strips and Klein bottles

(Note, when you run this, go to the menu bar on the State space controls menu and select x-vector!!)

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